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Dadi Digital Cinema Corporation

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Project address:

Guangzhou GT Land Plaza/ Huatong Plaza/ Baiyun Xintiandi Plaza/ Panyu Fashion

Construction time:2012

Type of lamp:

1.Led soft strip, blue and soft white color. The strips are installed in the wall and flood of the view studio. Actually, considering the practical application, these strips as additional lighting, the brightness need to be moderate, cannot be too high, so as to avoiding the viewing effect.


2.6 inch spotlight and down light, narrow, adjustable beam angle. As the height of the view studio is about 10-12 meters, so these lamps are installed in the ceiling; the features are the same color temperature, adjustable angle, uniform and soft lighting performance etc. The solution what we provide is that the lamps in the front of screen should be relatively dark, while the lamps in the back site should be bright.


3. 3 inch spotlight, which used in the high ceiling, soft light, excellent focusing effect.


4. Led soft strip with single color. As the cinema needs to create an comfortable atmosphere, at the meanwhile, there are different visual styles, such as science-fiction, or modern, therefore, aiming at different styles, we provide two kinds of lighting solution in order to create clear layering, and increasing the sense of space. At the same time, moderate accent lighting attracts people’s attention to the ticket office, film posters and videos, stimulating the sales volume.


5. The whole lighting effect before starting business, including the test of emergency lighting.